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Our Safety Measures

  • Certification of Pick-Up
  • Extensive background checks
  • Chain of custody
  • Coded locks on all doors
  • Multiple witnesses of shredding

Where your documents go

* After the shredded paper is recycled, we give you a document detailing the entire chain of custody.

Secure at every step

Right when you give us your documents, they are transferred in a locked bin to a locked truck. From there, they go to a secured shredding facility, behind locked doors. Your documents are not only verified destroyed by the shredder operator, but all document shredding is overseen by a supervisor that acts as a witness. We are a qualified NAID member, so we always ensure that your records are kept safe.

Know where they've been

We always know where your documents have been, and who they were passed to. Unlike some of our competitors, we offer a “Certification of Pick-Up” document that must be signed by you, to prove that we picked up your material. And with your bill, you will receive a "Chain of Custody," which shows the time, location, and handling of your documents every step of the way, up to the point that they are shredded.

Our trusted personnel

Our shredding personnel have extensive background checks, so we know they can be trusted. We ensure that all employees fill out our extensive paperwork so that you know who has touched your material, when they did, and who has witnessed the destruction of your documents. We go through this trouble to make sure that our employees can be trusted with your most sensitive information.